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Update to Data Science Software Popularity

June 8, 2023 | Bob Muenchen

I’ve updated The Popularity of Data Science Software‘s market share estimates based on scholarly articles. I posted it below, so you don’t have to sift through the main article to read the new section. Scholarly Articles Scholarly articles provide a rich source of information about data science ...
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Data Science Software Popularity Update

October 12, 2022 | Bob Muenchen

I have recently updated my extensive analysis of the popularity of data science software. This update covers perhaps the most important section, the one that measures popularity based on the number of job advertisements. I repeat it here as a blog post, so you don’t have to read the ...
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Biomedical Data Science Textbook Available

January 14, 2020 | Bob Muenchen

By Bob Hoyt & Bob Muenchen Data science is being used in many ways to improve healthcare and reduce costs. We have written a textbook, Introduction to Biomedical Data Science, to help healthcare professionals understand the topic and to work … Continue reading →
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Gartner’s 2019 Take on Data Science Software

February 26, 2019 | Bob Muenchen

I've just updated The Popularity of Data Science Software to reflect my take on Gartner's 2019 report, Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms. To save you the trouble of digging through all 40+ pages of my report, here's just the updated section: Continue reading →
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