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What will happen once I add my blog here?

Adding your blog to the directory will allow us to aggregate feeds from your (Python / data-science) blog.  Each time you post a new article on your blog, our site will automatically show an excerpt from it on the main page.

The post that will be added will include a link back to your original post (and another link to your blog’s main page), thus driving interested readers to your site!  Also, all participating blogs will have links in the “Contributors” section of our site.

To learn more about the benefits of participating, please visit our about page.  We would appreciate a link back from your site to in order to help us grow.

What to do if I also write about other things besides Python/data-science?

There is a solution.
All you need to do is add a category (or a tag) named “Python” (or py-data, or whatever is comfortable for you), use it for all your Python+data science related posts, and submit it instead.
To most modern blogging platform (WordPress, hugo, blogger, etc…), there is a way for getting the RSS feed of a particular category only (you can submit just the category link, and I’ll find the RSS feed link.)

What are the best practices to follow so to keep my site on Python-bloggers

There are several guidelines you should follow so your site will get on/stay on Python-bloggers (and serve the Python / data community as best as possible):

  • The feed you submit should ONLY be about Python AND data-science/ML/stats (e.g: with Python code, or directly related to the Python world/community).
  • If you present a use-case of getting nice results with Python then make an effort to have the results in your post reproducible as possible (by including the Python code in the post itself or by giving a link to some github repo with your Python code).
  • The feed should NOT include tweet like articles (e.g: Short pieces of text)
  • The feed should NOT include posts that only have code snippets. The code should be accompanied by text that clearly explains the context and value of the code that is presented.
  • Make sure the HTML of your feed’s content is well formatted – otherwise it would not be able to load on Python-bloggers. The feed should NOT include “base64” images, make sure your images are saved as png or similar file formats.
  • The feed should include “well written” articles: please make sure to proof read your English and avoid foul language
  • Submit a feed with full content, abstract/excerpts will not be accepted – this content will be shown in full in Python-bloggers’ feed and email. Here are a few tips for how to get it done. On WordPress blogs you can fix this by going to settings -> reading -> “For each article in a feed, show” -> “Full text”. On Hugo blogs you can try the following:
    Configure the default RSS template given here:
    replacing `<description>{{ .Summary | html }}</description>` with `<description>{{ .Content | html }}</description>`
  • The content of the feed should not include any automatic redirects
  • Submit your blog’s feed only after you have already published some posts (at least two, and ones that show your vast knowledge of Python and related disciplines)
  • Link to Python-bloggers from your blogroll (sidebar), and/or from a post. You do not have to do it, but it is for the greater good to help bring new readers to Python-bloggers
  • Please avoid overloading/spamming the site with: “too many” posts per day, SEO driven content or links, ads in the posts (banners, affiliate links etc.). Such content may be changed by Python-bloggers (automatically or manually) or removed. If you wish to make sure your blogging practices fits the site you can e-mail me for questions.
  • Make sure your feed is fast to load. If using WordPress, consider a caching plugin (such as wp super cache, or W3 total cache. Using feedburner and submitting their feed is also good)
  • Check that your feed loads well (no issues, the content is shown in full, etc.), but using the following URL: (fix any problems before submitting, if I check a site and it is not working properly, it may take me a long time before I get back to checking it, or emailing you about it)

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