Recreating a Shiny App with Flask

April 21, 2020 | Jamie Owen

So RStudio Connect has embraced Python and now runs Flask applications! At Jumping Rivers we make a lot of use of R, shiny, and Python for creating visual tools for our clients. Shiny has a lot of nice features, in particular it is very fast for prototyping web applications. Over ...
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Discounted expectations

April 15, 2020 | OSM

After our little detour into GARCHery, we’re back to discuss capital market expectations. In Mean expectations, we examined using the historical average return to set return expectations when constructing a portfolio. We noted hurdles to this approach due to factors like non-normal distributions, serial correlation, and ultra-wide confidence intervals. ...
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Predictive Maintenance: Zero to Deployment in Manufacturing

April 7, 2020 | Nagdev

Predictive maintenance has been seen as a holy grail for cost cutting manufacturing. There are various steps involved in just feasibility study such as problem identification, sensor installation, signal processing, feature extraction and analysis, and finally modeling. Once a reliable and robust model is developed, the model has to be ...
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Curated Regular Expression Resources

April 7, 2020 | Paul van der Laken

Regular expression (also abbreviated to regex) really is a powertool any programmer should know. It was and is one of the things I most liked learning, as it provides you with immediate, godlike powers that can speed up your (data science) workflow tenfold. I’ve covered many regex related topics ...
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Free coding education in the time of Covid-19

April 6, 2020 | Nagdev

At the time of this COVID 19, there are tons of resources being offered for free to update your skills. If you are an ML enthusiast. and want to learn on how to program then check our both sections related to R and Python. R Harvard has always had free training ...
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April 4, 2020 | OSM

In our last post, we discussed using the historical average return as one method for setting capital market expectations prior to constructing a satisfactory portfolio. We glossed over setting expectations for future volatility, mainly because it is such a thorny issue. However, we read an excellent tutorial on GARCH models ...
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