Highlights from ShinyConf 2024

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ShinyConf 2024 was a resounding success!

We brought together the vibrant R/Shiny community for three days of insightful sessions, engaging workshops, and valuable networking opportunities. From seasoned developers to newcomers, the conference had something for everyone.

Insightful Sessions and Memorable Speakers

The sessions covered a wide range of topics, from best practices in Shiny development to innovative use cases across various industries, spanning four tracks: Innovation, Enterprise, Data 4 Good, and Life Sciences.

ShinyConf attendees gained valuable insights from industry experts. We had the opportunity to dive deep into specific areas of interest through hands-on workshops on modular app development (with Veerle van Leemput), PyShiny, Rhino, and Testing with Cypress.

The speaker lineup was truly impressive, featuring renowned experts and thought leaders in R/Shiny who spoke on relevant and practical topics.

Tailoring Shiny for Modern Users by Lindsay Jorgenson & John Coene

One notable session was by Joe Cheng, CTO of Posit, on Beyond Async: Intra-Session Concurrency in Shiny with ExtendedTask. During his talk, he introduced ExtendedTask, which allows you to run long-running tasks for a user while preserving both inter- and intra-session concurrency. Plus, he closed a six-year-old issue live.

Beyond Async: Intra-Session Concurrency in Shiny with ExtendedTask

Shinylive for R, which is new and about running Shiny apps in the browser, was also heavily discussed during the conference, especially during George Stagg’s keynote on reproducible data science and Barret Schloerke’s session on Shinylive.

Reproducible data science with webR and Shinylive

Insightful Keynotes

We had wonderful keynotes that covered thriving as an open source maintainer with Tracy K. Teal, the future of Shiny with Pedro Silva, webR and Shinylive with George Stagg, Shiny in Enterprise with Eric Kostello, and real-world use cases for AI in Shiny with Tanya Cashorali.

Beyond the Hype: Real-World Use Cases for AI in Shiny

*Replays of all the sessions are available on RingCentral.

New Open Source Package Announcement 

One of the most exciting announcements at ShinyConf 2024 was the introduction of a new open-source package. This package promises to improve the way developers build and deploy enterprise Shiny applications. Details will be revealed soon! Watch our social media pages (LinkedIn & Twitter), join our community, and subscribe to our newsletter, Shiny Weekly, to learn more.

*‍*Update: Learn more about the package in our intro blog post, check it out on GitHub and here’s the documentation.

Hex Logo Contest for Package Developers

Also, as part of Appsilon’s commitment to supporting the vibrant R package ecosystem, we’re hosting a Hex Logo Contest for developers who want unique hex designs for their packages. The contest is still on and closes on the 31st of May 2024. You can learn more and register on our website.

Register to Win a Hex Logo

What Package R You? Quiz

In case you missed it, we added a fun element to the conference. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in our Ultimate R Package Personality Quiz. This interactive quiz matches you with an R package based on your personality and coding style. It’s still available, and you can try it out yourself.

Redesign of Rhinoverse

Our Lab Lead, Jakub Nowicki, unveiled the redesign of the Rhinoverse hexes during the conference. We hope you love the fresh look of our open-source packages as much as we do!



In conclusion, ShinyConf 2024 was a wonderful experience that brought together new and experienced R/Shiny professionals and thought leaders from several industries and research backgrounds.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from the community:

“The event was incredibly informative and useful, and the perspectives about business use cases for shiny will be useful as some of us push for wider adoption.”

– ShinyConf 2024 Attendee

“This was a great event! It was the first conference our Shiny R team has been to. I loved that it was virtual and the cost made it a no-brainer to my management. There was a good mix of speakers (some dev, some corporate, some scientist), which was cool.”

– ShinyConf 2024 Attendee

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We hope you had a great experience, and we look forward to seeing you at ShinyConf 2025! 

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