Join me on Clubhouse: “Analytics in Excel, Python and R” April 21st at 8pm Eastern

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I usually stay away from the “next big thing:” I’ve never logged into TikTok, and don’t get me started about the trendy restaurants here in Cleveland (I don’t find writing my own hot dog order on a clipboard fun or amusing.).

However, I wasn’t able to stay away from Clubhouse, the trendy new drop-in audio app (privacy be damned 🙃). It’s currently invite-only and for iPhone only, which I circumvented by putting a request into the ether and using an iPad, respectively 🙂.

New to Clubhouse? Want to know how to get an invite? Get your answers here.

Anyway, I’ve already met some great people there, and finally had the chance to speak with people I’ve interacted with online for many years, such as Danielle Stein Fairhurst of Plum Solutions. If I have any readers with photographic memories, you may remember I reviewed Danielle’s book Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies a few years back. In fact, I was even quoted in the press release for that book.

Danielle and I had been in touch anyway for me to present at her Plum Solutions Meetup in July (register here), but ran into each other on Clubhouse a few days later, where she’s been an early mover in the financial modeling and Excel communities.

We’ll be speaking in an Excel group (which anyone on Clubhouse is free to find and follow) on Wednesday 4/21 at 8pm Eastern. The topic will be on “Analytics in Excel, Python and R” which is “coincidentally” the same topic as my forthcoming O’Reilly Media book.

We’ll be discussing how these tools fit into the broader analytics stack, how to get started with analytics as an Excel user, and more with a Q&A and discussion. Please join us.

If you have another group on Clubhouse which could benefit from a similar discussion, please do get in touch — in fact, this is one way I’ve identified to support the book without even buying it.

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