A Blog Post About the Blog

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A Blog Post About the Blog

If you’re a regular visitor to our blog you may have noticed some recent changes we hope will make it easier to find what you’re looking for (or interesting stuff you weren’t).

The blog “home” page, “/blog” now shows a card for every post with title, author, excerpt, tags and image. (But don’t worry, we won’t clog your browser up by trying to force every image to load at once.) This new layout means no more hunting backwards and forwards through pages to find what you’re looking for. Moreover, the new search bar can help you find things with a couple of taps on the keyboard. The URL is updated when you finish a search so you can easily share the results with others. For example, here are all cards that mention Shiny in Production.

Screenshot showing the blog listings page with 'Shiny in Production' typed in the search bar and the URL updated accordingly.

Join us for the next installment of our Shiny in Production conference! For more details, check out our
conference website!

The tags pages have also been updated in a similar fashion, with the addition of a search bar if there are more than five results listed.

Screenshot of the Tidyverse Tag page. 'ggplot' has been searched for.

And, finally, we’ve added brand-new author pages so you can quickly find all blog posts written (or co-written) by any of our team here at Jumping Rivers.

Pair of screenshots showing the author listing from the blog sidebar and the top of one of the author pages.

Feel free to tell us what you think via the usual social media channels and let us know if there’s something you think we’re missing.

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