Events at Jumping Rivers

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Events at Jumping Rivers

At Jumping Rivers we’re all about getting involved in the R community! As such, we host multiple events throughout the year. Read on for information about what we have planned so far for 2023!


SatRdays London 2023

In April 2023 we will be hosting SatRdays at Bush House, London. SatRdays are low cost, not for profit events aimed to attract those who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to attend pricier events, or who can’t usually make it during the week.

Our Keynote speaker for this event is Julia Silge, Posit. Julia Silge is a data scientist and software engineer at Posit PBC (formerly RStudio) where she works on open source modeling and MLOps tools. She is an author, an international keynote speaker, and a real-world practitioner focusing on data analysis and machine learning. Julia loves text analysis, making beautiful charts, and communicating about technical topics with diverse audiences.

We are also accepting abstracts for contributed talks until midnight (GMT) Tuesday, 31st January, so head over to the conference website for more details on how to submit your talk. Anything R related is welcome!

Data comes in all shapes and sizes. It can often be difficult to know where to start. Whatever your problem, Jumping Rivers can help.

Shiny in Production 2023

Shiny in Production returns to Newcastle this October. Last year’s conference was a huge success, and this year we’re expecting to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned {shiny} user who wants to network and share knowledge, someone who’s just getting started and wants to learn from the experts, or anybody in between, if you’re interested in {shiny}, this conference is for you.

The conference consists of an afternoon of workshops on a range of topics delivered by our JR trainers, followed by a day of talks from experts across a variety of sectors. Last year, the workshops were on RStudio (now Posit) Connect, Tableau and Automated Reporting with Quarto; keep an eye out for when we announce what is in store for this year!

If you want to take a look at some of what you missed last year, we have a playlist of talk recordings available to watch on YouTube.


Jumping Rivers currently hosts two data science meetups, the North East Data Scientist (NEDS) meetup and the Leeds Data Science meetup.
These meetups are free events, aimed to bring together like minded people to discuss all things data science.
We invite speakers from a range of backgrounds, including public sector and private industry, to share their experience and demonstrate how data science impacts the world.

At the NEDS meetups, we also host a pre-event workshop, run by one of our JR trainers, where we’ll go into more detail about a specific tool or package and give you the opportunity to code along! And of course, all meetups are great opportunities to network and find out more about what’s going on in the world of data science – fueled by pizza of course!

North East Data Scientists (NEDS)

Leeds Data Science Meetup

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