Advancing into Analytics: Foundations of Finance Analytics

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About this event

  • Conduct rigorous data analysis that is easy to reproduce and share with colleagues
  • Create beautiful visualizations that aren’t available in basic Excel and Power BI
  • Collaborate more effectively with engineers, developers, data scientists and other technical professionals
  • Signal to employers that you can work with a variety of programming tools
  • Take advantage of Power BI’s supported integration with Python and R
  • Prepare for Excel’s likely future supported integration with Python

If you’re a financial analyst looking to level up your data analysis skills, this is the workshop and book for you. After attending this class, you’ll be in great shape to explore advanced analytics in Excel, Python and R.

What you’ll get

My number one goal is to make you a well-rounded analyst that will be able to handle any project that comes your way. To that end, I the course comes with the usual offerings plus supplemental goodies:

  • Class recording
  • Demo notes and handouts
  • 3-hour video course on Excel Power Query, yours to enjoy any time
  • A signed paperback copy of Advancing into Analytics to read after class


  • Please have Excel 2010 or greater for desktop installed prior to class
  • It is recommended to attend this workshop on a Windows machine.
  • Basic to intermediate Excel knowledge: sorting and filtering, IF() statements, SUMIF(), COUNTIF(), PivotTables, VLOOKUP().
  • No other preparation is needed. I’ll send you the course materials at the time of class.
  • We will be using cloud-based instances of R and Python, so you don’t need to have these installed for the class. You will learn in the book how to install them on your computer.


The class is scheduled for 70 minutes. In that time, we’ll be working through a real-world dataset of housing prices from Excel to R and Python:

  • Exploring relationships in the data using Excel
  • Confirming and reporting on them in R
  • Building a linear regression model in Python

After you register

  • A copy of the book will be mailed to the address you provide during signup. The surcharge for international orders is to accommodate for shipping.
  • Information on all other resources will be provided during the event.


Because I am sending you a personalized copy of the book, I can’t process refunds. All sales are final.

Register now 👇

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