Online workshop: Analytics from Excel to Python and R

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As an Excel user, you work with table names, ranges and functions all the time. This is programming! From here, getting into programming with Python and R is well within reach.

What are the benefits? You’ll be able to

  • Automate tasks, from creating PDFs to scheduling emails and more
  • Create beautiful visualizations that aren’t available in basic Excel and Power BI
  • Conduct rigorous data analysis that is easy to reproduce and share with colleagues
  • Collaborate more effectively with engineers, developers, data scientists and other technical professionals
  • Signal to employers that you can work with a variety of programming tools
  • Take advantage of Power BI’s supported integration with Python and R
  • Prepare for Excel’s likely future supported integration with Python

Of course, learning to code in Python and R is no one-off feat. It is, after all, learning new (programming) languages. That’s why I want to make this as easy on you as possible.

I will send you a signed copy of my book Advancing into Analytics as part of this one-hour workshop.

During the workshop, we’ll walk through all the downloads needed to read the book. I hear you, just getting Python or R installed may have deterred previous learning attempts. No more.

You will learn analytics with Python and R in 2022!

Get all the details and register:

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