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Factor Analysis with Python VIDEO

July 17, 2022 | Dr. Darrin

Factor analysis is a statistical technique used to reduce the number of dimensions in order to simplify additional analysis or confirm a construct. In this video, we will look at a very simple example of factor analysis along with a visualization.
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Random Forest in Python VIDEO

June 5, 2022 | Dr. Darrin

Random forest is a machine learning algorithm that makes multiple decision trees in order to make the best decision. By making many trees you can avoid the mistake of overfitting to the data, which is a common weakness of decision trees.
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Principal Component Analysis with Python VIDEO

April 21, 2022 | Dr. Darrin

Principal component analysis is a tool for reducing the number of variables in a dataset without losing too much information. This is a great way to summarize information or to simplify things for a more complex analysis. The video provides a simple example of how to do this.
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Data Visualization with Altair VIDEO

April 17, 2022 | Dr. Darrin

Python has a great library called that Altair that makes it really easy to make various data visualizations. The primary strength of this particular library is how easy it is to use and to also create interactive plots. The video below provides an introduction to using this innovative tool.
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Visualizations with Altair

February 27, 2022 | Dr. Darrin

We are going to take a look at Altair which is a data visulization library for Python. What is unique abiut Altair compared to other packages experienced on this blog is that it allows for interactions. The interactions can take place inside jupyter or they can be exported and loaded ...
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