Advancing into Analytics: Foundations

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Kick-start your journey into data analytics; read the book later

About this event

  • Free signed copy of Advancing into Analytics
  • Workshop recording
  • Demo notes and handouts

If you’re an analyst or researcher looking to level up your data analysis skills, this is the workshop and book for you. After attending this class, you’ll be in great shape to explore advanced analytics in Excel, Python and R.

I’ll send you a signed copy of my book Advancing into Analytics just for signing up for this 75-minute online workshop.


We’ll be covering topics from Chapter 1 (Foundations of Exploratory Data Analysis in Excel) and a bit of Chapter 5 (The Data Analytics Stack):

  • What is a variable? How do you measure it?
  • Looking at a variable: data visualization
  • Listening to a variable: descriptive statistics
  • What is the data analytics stack? How do the tools in the book fit together?


  • Please have Excel 2010 or greater for desktop installed prior to the workshop.
  • It is recommended to attend this workshop on a Windows machine.
  • I assume some prior knowledge of Excel such as PivotTable, conditional statements and so forth. To learn more, check out the book’s prerequisites page.
  • You do not need to have read the book to attend, but are encouraged to do so after the workshop.

After you register:

  • A copy of the book will be mailed to the address you provide during signup. The surcharge for international orders is to accommodate for shipping.
  • Information on all other resources will be provided during the event.


  • Because I am sending you a personalized copy of the book, I can’t process refunds. All sales are final.

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